Graco Mysize 65 Convertible Car Seat Review

Do you want to buy a car seat? A Car seat ensures that your baby or child is comfortable and secure during road journeys. If your child is below two years, consider buying models that enable you to sit them in a rear-facing position. That’s until they reach the maximum rear facing weight for their type of car seat. One model you should consider is the Graco Mysize 65 Convertible Car Seat. This review looks at its main benefits, pros and cons and gives you its final opinion.

Graco Mysize 65 Convertible Car Seat

Main Benefits

  • It ensures that your baby is protected while seating in the rear-facing position, for example, from 4lbs-40lbs. The reason is that child safety experts recommend the rear-facing position.
  • Its weight rating is wide to ensure that it accommodates your growing child. For instance, if your child has reached the forward facing position and is between 22lbs-65 lbs, it’s ideal for them.
  • It has been crash tested and meets United States safety standards. It comes with a foam that’s energy absorbing to ensure that it withstands sudden impacts.
  • You can easily adjust its height because of its excellent harness position. The GRACO SIZE4ME 65 CAR SEAT enables you to set the harness position using one hand. It also automatically adjusts itself, which means you don’t need to re-thread the harness.
  • This seat comes with a removable body and head support to ensure that your child stays comfortable.


  • When carrying out this review, The Graco Size4me 65 was easy to install both rear and forward facing. It meant that we had an easy time as we traveled along winding mountains.
  • It has deep sides that ensure it has the best impact protection.
  • The adjust pulls smoothly, which meant that we didn’t have issues with the harness system wanting to pull in the buckle.


  • The fabric was a bit itchy and slick. However, that’s just my opinion, which means that it’s a minor issue.

 Final Opinion

The Graco Mysize 65 Convertible Car Seat is a safe seat that’s worth purchasing. Make sure you check your budget estimates and your child’s age to ensure you get the best of this car seat.


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