Evenflo Tribute LX Convertible Car Seat Review

This car seat is ranked as an Amazon Best Seller. It will accommodate an infant in the rear-facing position from 5-pounds up to 30-pounds. When rear facing, it reclines to keep your infant’s head from falling forward. This Evenflo tribute LX convertible car seat can also be switched to be forward-facing for a toddler from 22-pounds up to 40-pounds.

This evenflo convertible seat will accommodate your child through the full weight range. With four harness positions and two crotch buckle positions, it allows plenty of adjustment for growing children. The front of the seat also has a harness adjustment. This allows you to easily tighten or loosen your child’s harness for optimal safety.

In safety, this seat is comparable to any other car seat as far as federal safety standards go. Evenflo does have their own side-impact test standard, which this car seat meets as well. An energy absorbing foam liner adds to the safety and comfort of your child. Harness covers, buckle covers, and a plush head pillow all come included with this seat. This is a great feature because you should not purchase these accessories separately. Only accessories that are crash tested with a seat are considered safe for your child

We all know children can be very messy and their car seat often ends up quite messy as well. This seat, fortunately, is easy to clean. It has wipeable plastic and metal pieces. It also has a machine washable seat pad that adds to the comfort of the seat and is easy to remove.

Evenflo tribute LX convertible car seat


  • Compact size for great vehicle fit
  • Up-front harness adjustment for easy access
  • 4 shoulder strap positions accommodate growing children longer
  • Removable cup holder for convenience
  • 5-point harness system provides a secure fit
  • Integrated body cushion gives more comfortably


  • Parents feel like the quality of this car Seat.
  • Very good quality for the price.
  • They also say it is comfortable for their children.


  • When this seat is rear-facing, infants lean forward.
  • Difficult, if not impossible to pull the buckles tight enough to get the seat to fit snugly in a car

Safety Option

When it comes to safety features this car seat is identical. It has crash testing and identical 4 shoulder strap position. The harness and the buckles are perfect.The seat comes with 3 special layers of impact absorbing foams which reduce the impact force by 50%. The structural integrity and safety features are 2 times the federal crash test standard.

Very Easy to seat in & out

It has upfront harness adjustment.Through this 5-point harness, you can easily adjust your little one from the front of the car seat. It also making it easier to get your child in and out.

Lightweight and compact

At less than 10 lbs this is a SUPER lightweight car seat which makes it easy to switch between vehicles if necessary. It’s also on the compact side which makes it good for smaller cars.

Easily adjusted to right fit

It has 4 Shoulder harness positions and 2 crotch strap positions accommodate growing children longer. The harness is easy to move around and adjust to get the right fit.

Best Comfort

When considering comfort the LX clearly takes a leap ahead. It has additional comfort features that can make it significantly more comfortable. It comes with a head cushion, which provides superior head support and saves the trouble of carrying an extra baby pillow. Apart from the head cushion, the LX also has integrated body cushions. These cushions are stitched inside the seat and supports and comforts your baby’s the lower back.


The Evenflo tribute LX convertible car seat is designed to grow along with your child. Use it as a rear-facing seat for your infant, then as a forward-facing seat for your older child. Compact in size, the Tribute LX provides a great vehicle fit while still offering side impact protection. Also include up-front harness adjustment, four shoulder strap positions and a removable cup holder.


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