Evenflo Symphony Elite Convertible Car Seat Review

Evenflo is known for top quality baby products, which includes the Evenflo Symphony Elite convertible Car Seat. Depending upon whether you’re buying it for a boy or a girl, they come in six color variations and styles.

Evenflo Symphony Elite Convertible Car Seat

Selection of Colors

  1. Concord
  2. Modesto
  3. Ocala
  4. Paramount
  5. Porter
  6. Raspberry Sorbet

All of which, include special features to ensure their safety, keeping your little one, safe and secure. Which should come as a huge relief to you, just knowing that your little bundle of joy is out of harms way.

Special Features

* E3 Side Impact Protection – Protect your baby from being thrown around in the event of an accident, the Evenflo Symphony Elite Car Seat has 3 extra layers of padded protection. Reducing the forces produced in a collision.

* Easy Sliding Harness System – Easily adjust the harness to your desired fit for your child. Securely fastening them in without being too constraining. Therefore, keeping them safe and happy while riding in the car.

* Safety Latch Connectors – The Evenflo Symphony Elite Car Seat has special latch connectors which allow you to fasten it into your vehicle nice and secure. Just imagine, having a car seat that you can install within less than a minute. Now that’s what I call efficient technology

Size Requirements  

The Symphony Elite Car Seat is equipped to protect children weighing between 5 and 110 pounds. Allowing to utilize it as they’re growing older and getting bigger. It is manufactured to provide safety for children when rear facing, for those who’re 5 to 40 LBS and front facing for kids who weigh from 40 to 110 LBS. With an additional high back boost mode, in order to keep their precious little heads in place without being uncomfortable.


This is a car seat that not only adds a touch of style to your vehicle, it also is highly effective at protecting your little one as well. It’s a top quality Evenflo product which is reasonably priced.









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