Cosco Might Fit 65 Convertible Car Seat Review

When traveling with a baby in the car safety is the most important concern. A quality car seat is very important. The Cosco Might Fit 65 Convertible Car Seat will help keep the child safe from the time they are a baby into their toddler years.

Cosco Might Fit 65 Convertible Car Seat

This car seat can be used to keep the baby safe for a number of years. The seat in the rear facing position can hold a baby from 5 all the way to 40 pounds. This seat can also be used as a front facing seat when the baby becomes a toddler. The front facing seat position can be used for toddlers from 22 all the way to 65 pounds. This seat allows additional leg room for parents as well. It has all the needed safety features without being overly bulky. This seat can be taken from the car and used on an airplane if the parent and their little one are traveling. As an added bonus this seat is manufactured in the United States.

There are additional safety features to this car seat. In addition to having a latch to the backseats in the car the Cosco Mighty Convertible car seat has side impact protection as well. The car seat has closures that go over the shoulders of the child as well as around the legs so they are safe and secure in the car. The fabric used on this car seat is safe to wash in the average washer machine and dry in the standard dryer.

This Cosco Might Fit 65 Convertible Car Seat was designed with safety in mind. It can be used from the time the baby is riding home from the hospital for the first time all the way to their toddler years. This car seat is focused on safety while being comfortable for the baby to travel in.

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