What is the Best Graco Convertible Car Seat?

One of the more important decisions that must be made by any parent is the type of car seat that they choose for their children. It is more than just a matter of having something comfortable (although that is important), it is a matter of staying in compliance with local and national regulations as well as providing something that is as safe as possible. Sometimes, it is just best to go with a well-known name, such as Graco. After all, you know that you are getting something of high quality when you choose from a company with a great reputation.

Graco is one of the most trusted and well-known names in the baby product industry and they have been providing those quality products for more than 60 years. Not only do they try to be practical with the items that they sell, they want to ensure that they are both dependable and convenient while at the same time, providing the highest level of safety. That is certainly what you will find in their line of convertible car seats and when you choose from among the best Graco convertible car seats, you will have something that is just right for your child and for your lifestyle. Here are some of the top options:

Graco Extend2fit Convertible Car Seat

Many people will look at the specific factors in order to choose the Best Graco Convertible Car Seat but the fact the matter is, there are going to be times when you hit all of the points within the same model. That is what you will find with the Extend2Fit model, and not only does it provide plenty of leg room for the child and have a higher than usual rear-facing weight limit, it is also quite affordable. In fact, you will pay under $200 for this gem and when you have it in your automobile, you will never regret it.

Perhaps the most notable feature about the Extend2Fit is the leg extension that has 4 different positions. When you compare it with many other rear-facing car seats, it gives you an extra 5 inches of legroom. It even comes with 2 built in cup holders! Quite simply, if you are looking for a convertible option that will grow with your child, you really don’t need to look any further than this model.


Graco Contender 65 Convertible Car Seat

Sometimes you’re just looking for an oldie but a goodie and if you want a solid model that has proven itself over the course of time, then the Contender 65 is the option you should consider. The rear-facing is quite convenient and it has all of the options that you would want but then you can turn it around and continue to use it until your child is in a booster.

The installation is a snap, but it is still recommended that you have it installed professionally at your local fire station. They will do so for free (just leave a tip). You will find all of the quality, convenience and safety that you want in the Contender 65 but you won’t pay an arm and a leg for it.

Graco My Ride 65 Convertible Car Seat

Although you would think that most car seats made by the same company would offer similar options, that isn’t the case. With the My Ride 65, you have a few extra options that are well worth considering. One of those is the weight limit when the child is rear facing as they can be up to 40 pounds in that position. Considering the fact that your young child is safest when they are facing the rear of the automobile, this is certainly something to consider.

There are also a few extras that are well worth considering, including 2 cupholders, a very comfortable head pillow and a latch installation that makes moving the car seat quite easy if it is necessary to do so.


Graco Mysize 65 Convertible Car Seat

This is another in a long line of models that could be considered the best Graco convertible car seats. This particular model, however, does not necessarily bring anything new to the table other than the fact that it is a very stable, comfortable and secure car seat for your child. The rear facing position can hold the child that is anywhere from 4 up to 40 pounds and the forward facing position can hold up to 65 pounds, provided the child is under 49 inches tall. It has a cupholder, an infant insert, and premium latch connectors that can make installation a snap.

One other option that is not included in all MySize 65 models is the rapid remove seat cover. It is important for you to look into this in advance, because you are certainly going to appreciate what that additional option brings to the table. Let’s face it, children can be messy and you want to be able to clean up after them in the fastest way possible.


Graco 4ever All in One Convertible Car Seat

Sometimes, it helps to go with the best of the best and that is what you will get in this all-in-one convertible car seat from Graco. Although many companies have made the claim that they had this all-in-one option right, it wasn’t until we saw this model that we were truly impressed.

This car seat is more than a three point convertible option, it faces in the rear position, forward position and is a booster with and without a back. It is truly an option that will stay with your child from the time you bring them home until the time they are ready to give up the seat altogether.


Each of these different options from Graco is unique in their own way. All of them can provide the security, safety and comfort that you want for your child but consider the options carefully, because it can make a difference in your peace of mind and how easy they are to operate.

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